Automatic Quality Inspection and Sorting of Capsules

STREAM Core offers innovative solutions which represent another step for automatic inspection technology with best value for money ratio in rapidly changing pharmaceutical production.

  • High speed inspection of up to 120.000 capsules/hour
  • All capsules sizes from 5 to 000
  • 3D surface inspection and high colour sensitivity
  • Reliable active sorting with verification
  • No defects needed for machine training
  • Intuitive user-friendly graphical interface with 10-minute product training
  • Ergonomic design
  • On-line and on-site support


Feeding & Manipulation

System organizes the products into lines for stable and continuous inspection. Transfers the products to the imaging area. Gentle manipulations allow controlled movement of capsules for accurate and reliable imaging.

Clear Vision

For us is the art of imaging, where even the smallest product defects are distinctly visible on images. Clear vision is the core to successful and reliable inspection solutions and strongly relies on advanced imaging technologies, such as lighting modalities, precise optics and multimodal imaging.

Science made easy

The product quality is measured on images by software solutions based on the latest scientific developments. However, because science does not belong into production, we put lots of effort into technology simplification, where use of our solutions requires no scientific background or computer vision expertise.

Active sorting

System with sorting verification reliably rejects any product, that does not meet quality criteria.


Applicable capsules

• Opaque
• Bicolour
• Transparent
• Empty

Applicable dimensions



Other non-specified or special types of products have to be checked if applicable.


Indicative inspection speeds


Capsule sizes Capsules / hour
000 to 5 120.000


Typical defects

In the list below are presented some of the typical defects on capsules. Machine can detect and sort out a wider list of different defects.

capsules defect color deviation
colour deviation

capsules defect  length

capsules defect dents

capsules defect dots

capsules defect split

capsules defect dirt

capsules defect holes

capsules defect telescoped

capsules defect joints


damaged print

damaged band


Machine autonomous capsule inspection
Autonomous inspection

Machine autonomous inspection

Conveyor belt manipulation

Products are conveyed in one direction and rotated around their axis at the same time

Image acquisition of capsule inspection machine
Image acquisition

For each product, more than 150 images can be made in different illumination conditions, including 3D information, and product positions

spine inspection performance
Image analysis

Inspection parameters are set during simple training procedure on good products only

visual defect software

User-friendly graphical interface with easy setup of recipes

spine inspection machine flexibility
Product tracking

Each product is tracked until sorted for accurate sorting and countability

sorting and verification of defects
Fail-safe sorting

Good products are sorted from the rest with compressed air

Additional sorting verification monitors capsule inspection machine
Sorting verification

Additional optical sensors monitor sorting of products

ergonomic and tool-free deisgn of a capsule inspection machine
Ergonomic tool-free

Ergonomic tool-free design with ridiculous low setting and cleaning time

Video & Downloads

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